Careers at Compas Brokers Inc. 

The 1st choice for smart agents! … With all the training and support you will need … no matter if you are new or seasoned realtor. (All training is optional and free of charge!)

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Congratulations on choosing one of the most rewarding careers. If you dream about owning and running your own business, at Compass Brokers you may do just that with our support. Work with your schedule at your own pace! Enjoy the benefits of being affiliated with a brokerage that is founded on the best entrepreneurial spirit and has a philosophy of supporting you in achieving your goals, as an independent contractor. You will find some of the highest quality marketing materials that can be customized for your needs and well crafted corporate partnerships that personally benefit you in every step of your business. 

Consistent with our belief that encourages us to do the right thing; our management staff is always available to assist you any way and is pleased and grateful to be of service!   Compass Brokers, Realtors is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage companies in the state of Georgia with ASSOCIATES that specialize in different geographical area as well different practice areas in the real estate. Our ASSOCIATES are proud to be a part of the company that has passion for success while promoting an honest and ethical environment!   

We are headquartered in Duluth. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that you are never required to come into the office. Although we would love to see you stop by every once in while just to say Hello and shoot the breeze if your schedule permits. We value your time and at your option and convenience, all transactions can take place via fax, courier or regular/electronic mail.  The web based Transaction Management System allows you to monitor the progress at all times from any location.  Our offices are available for ASSOCIATES at all times and are fully equipped with computers, internet access, facsimile machine, copier and tastefully furnished meeting area for you to meet your clients!  While we always strive to provide safe and secure work environment, we ask you to be vigilant at all times and take additional precautions to ensure your safety and that of your colleagues as well as clients and customers.

All our licensed ASSOCIATES are Realtors and free continuing education classes are offered on a regular basis to Compass Brokers ASSOCIATES. All training is optional and free of charge. Of course the broker is available at all times and YES, the broker is non-competing as well. Additionally, our office staff is pleased to be of service to you each day!  Take advantage of the Mentor Program if you are a newly licensed or would like to have an experienced Realtor go on your first one, two or three listing presentation and closing.

One of the founding principals of Compass Brokers is that every ASSOCIATE here deserves honest, fair and ethical treatment.  We realize that you have many choices of companies to join and think it is an honor that you are considering Compass Brokers, Realtors!  

Our Commission Plan and ASSOCIATE Services:

Our commission plan is construed to be the most competitive in the market when compared dollar to dollar with any other 100% commission plan available in Metro Atlanta Market. We have made available a NEW ASSOCIATE information page on our website that provides specific details regarding the 100% Commission Plan as well as other resources of Compass Brokers, Realtors. Please let us know if you like to review this information, by using "Contact Us" form or e-mail us at  or simply call us at 770-813-8620 option 4, for more information. If you are satisfied with this information and would like to learn more about further steps, please contact us to attend our orientation program. This orientation lasts approximately 30 minutes and will furnish you an outline of how we use and provide you at no cost, the ultra modern technology tools that are available only at a select few companies where you are expected to additional fees to use these services.

All of us at Compass Brokers, Realtors, respect our ASSOCIATES and follow the golden rule. We take pride in recruiting ASSOCIATES that bring synergy by practicing our well admired principals in business as well as personal relationships.  

It does not matter if you are practicing real estate on a full-time or part-time basis, working as a team or as an independent investor we are here to help you succeed for we know that we succeed only when you succeed.

If you haven’t already done so, please see our Mission Statement to learn why we are in business as well as how we foresee you conducting your business and check out Compass Story on our home page to learn more about how it all began and Why Compass Brokers to see what sets us apart from the competition.  

We sincerely thank you for considering Compass Brokers, Realtors and look forward to a lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial.  

Just licensed? Click here to learn more about choosing a Real Estate Company.