Being a single mom, with five children, deciding to move is a huge strain, especially when you make the decision to move over 700 miles away from everyone and everything that you know...I did a lot of research before my move, and spoke to many agents before deciding on one...I can't tell you how happy I am with my choice...Courteous, professional, and patient are just a few of the words that I can you to describe my agent...The stress level was never an issue, and I knew that my best interests were always the number one priority....I would highly recommend Compass Brokers to anyone, moving locally or long distance....Stephanie Mason 

When we talked to you, you immediately went to work to find a home that met our needs. We didn’t have very much time to find the home we wanted. Yet we were not going to settle for something that didn’t fit our dreams. I know we must have been difficult to deal with yet you were very patient with us. I was impressed at how resourceful and diligent you were in finding the home that we wanted. After finding a home, you did an excellent job of protecting our interests and guiding us through the purchase phase. Again I was impressed with your resourcefulness and hard work to insure that the purchase proceeded smoothly and on schedule. I have no hesitations in recommending your services to anyone interested in finding a home in the Atlanta area. Thank You, Sharie and Raymond Brick  

Wow, you guys. We don’t know where to start. Let me just say that we are more than pleased with everything you have done when you sold our home just like you promised you will. And then, you impressed us more when you helped us buy our new home. The best part was when the Builder’s agent said in 20 years of real estate work, this was only the 2nd time she saw the kind of professionalism that was beyond expectation. We have proudly informed everyone who has visited our new home about Compass Brokers and will be more than happy to talk to anyone with questions about your services, if they so choose. Thanks a million.The Singh family 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything. We don’t know of many people who from day one of our meeting would have done what you guys did. The professionalism, expertise, resourcefulness, listening patiently to and understanding our situation and devising a plan to sell our home for the top $$$ … and walking us through every step of the process. Honestly, after searching the internet extensively and talking to as many as 10 agents, we did not think much of a real estate professional till went through this transaction and fortunately so with Compass Brokers. Well, we can go on and on. Yvette and David White